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Amsterdam Shirt


Coffeeshops. Van Gogh. Cigars. Shrooms. Dutch Gabber.
What's not to love about Amsterdam?

Mimicking a tourism print campaign from the 90's, this shirt pays homage to the icons of Amsterdam through playfully graphics printed on a cut and sewn buttondown.

The shirt is crafted from fine Japanese cotton, with a soft crease-free finish. Pearl buttons, lightly structured collar. The print is achieved through a traditional dye-sublimation process which ensures longevity, and the print has a soft, untextured finish.

The shirt fits boxy and cropped, with slightly elongated sleeves, wide body and non-extended length. This fit creates an incredible silhouette regardless of being worn tucked, or untucked.

NOTE: This is a pre-order for the shirt. The fabric and dyes are painstakingly hand sourced our contracted workshop, and these orders will take a couple of weeks to ship. Detailed email updates will be provided to you.